Episode 11: Sex, Love & Addiction  with Special Guest, Alexandra Katehakis,          Ph.D., MFT, best selling author & Clinical Director

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Episode 01 : "What It Takes to Have A Healthy Thriving Relationship! 


                       By Kim Von Berg / 17 January 2019 



Episode 02 : "Where did the Passion Go & How Can

We Get It Back?" 


                       By Kim Von Berg / 21 February 2019 



Episode 03 : "How Childhood Attachment Trauma Shows up in Adult Relationships" with Emotional Healing Practitioner, Danielle Shillcock


                       By Kim Von Berg / 21 March 2019 


Handout from Danielle / Episode 3

Attachment Trauma & the US2 Gift

Episode 04 : "How to Keep Your Triggers from Tearing Apart Your Relationship" with Neil Sattin, Relationship Coach and Podcast Host of Relationship Alive


                       By Kim Von Berg / 11 April 2019 



Episode 05 "Sexuality, Spirituality & Power in Love" with Tatiana Berindei, Relationship & Embodiment Specialist


                       By Kim Von Berg / 18 April 2019 



Episode 06 "Dating Clues of Toxic People & How to

Attract Happy Healthy Love!" with Riana Milne, best selling author, licensed mental health counselor, certified trauma & addiction professional

                       By Kim Von Berg / 8 May 2019 



Episode 07 "Victory Over Verbal Abuse & Controlling People" with long time best selling author, Patricia Evans

By Kim Von Berg / 23 May 2019 



Episode 08 : "The Path to Finding Lasting and Meaningful

By Kim Von Berg / 30 May 2019 



Relationships" with Renowned Author & Psychotherapist

Ken Page

Episode 09 : "How you can use the subconscious to

By Kim Von Berg / 13 June 2019 



deepen your love relationships!" with renowned hypnotherapist, Dr. Elaine Kissel Ph.D

Episode 10 : "Discover All You Need to Know about Codependency & Shame" with Renowned Long-time Expert,

By Kim Von Berg / 8 July 2019 



Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT and author of Conquering Shame & Codependency AND Codependency for Dummies!

Episode 11: "Gender & Relationships: What is Possible When Men & Women Step into Their Wholeness,"

By Kim Von Berg / 16 July 2019 



Founder of Symponia Studios, the 

 with Sean Harvey,

Compassionate Masculinity Project & GenderARC

Episode 12:   "Sex, Love & Addiction,"

By Kim Von Berg / 30 July 2019 



with Special Guest, Alexandra Katehakis, Ph.D., MFT, best selling author and Founder & Clinical Director of the Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles



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