Episode 16:  Set the Stage for an Extraordinary Love Relationship! With host, Kim Von Berg, long time Relationship Expert & Communication Specialist!


  You will love this interview if    you have ever wondered what IS a thriving loving extraordinary relationship & how you can go about creating one!

Dr. Margaret Paul shares her immense wisdom with us!

Episode 14:  "Heal Your Aloneness & Create Thriving Relationships," with Special Guest, Dr. Margaret Paul, Ph.D,

Best Selling Author and co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding® self-healing process

You are in for an amazing treat with this hour-long interview with world renowned love & relationship expert, Dr. Margaret Paul! In this interview, you will be given the keys to attract AND set the stage for deep and fulfilling love that can last a life time. Dr. Paul has been a best selling author as well as having taught classes and seminars since 1967. A few of her sought-after books are: "Healing Your Aloneness," "Diet for Divine Connection," and "Do I Have to Give up Me to be Loved by You?" She has successfully worked with thousands of individuals, couples and business relationships & appeared on many radio and TV shows, including the Oprah show. 


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Episode 12:   "Sex, Love & Addiction," with Special Guest, Alexandra Katehakis, Ph.D., MFT, best selling author and Founder & Clinical Director of the Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles

Episode 10 : "Discover All You Need to Know about Codependency & Shame" with Renowned Long-time Expert, Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT and author of Conquering Shame & Codependency AND 

Codependency for Dummies!

Episode 08 : "The Path to Finding Lasting and Meaningful Relationships" with Renowned Author & Psychotherapist, 

Ken Page

Episode 06 : "Dating Clues of Toxic People & How to Attract Happy Healthy Love!" with Riana Milne, best selling author, licensed mental health counselor, certified trauma & addiction professional

Episode 15:  How to Go for Your Deepest Callings & Open up to Evolutionary Love!

With Special Guest, Gregg Levoy, world renowned Speaker, Author, and Expert on helping you find your passions! 

Episode 13:  "It's Never Too Late for Love", with Special Guest, Dr. Joan Bragar, Author, EdD & Love Coach

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Episode 11: "Gender & Relationships: What is Possible When Men & Women Step into Their Wholeness," with Sean Harvey, Founder  of Symponia Studios, the

Compassionate Masculinity Project & GenderARC

Episode 09 : "How you can use the subconscious to

deepen your love relationships!" with a renowned hypnotherapist, Dr. Elaine Kissel Ph.D

Episode 07 : "Victory Over Verbal Abuse & Controlling People" with long time 

best selling author, Patricia Evans

Episode 05 :  "Sexuality, Spirituality & Power in Love" with Tatiana Berindei, Relationship & Embodiment Specialist

How to go for your deepest callings & open up to evolutionary love!

Episode 17:  With Dr. Keith Witt, Licensed Psychologist, teacher, and author.

Episode 04 : "How to Keep Your Triggers from Tearing Apart Your Relationship" with Neil Sattin, Relationship Coach and Podcast Host of Relationship Alive

Episode 03 : "How Childhood Attachment Trauma Shows up in Adult Relationships" with Emotional Healing Practitioner, Danielle Shillcock 

Emotional Healing Practioner, Danielle Shillcock, shares with us how childhood attachment trauma continues to affect us in our adult lives - especially in our relationships. If we don’t heal, we often get triggered from whomever is in front of us, believing they are “making” us feel hurt, sad, angry, rejected, and so on - limiting our ability to be happy and empowered. Danielle also shares information about the main attachment styles that are a result of our childhood experiences - and how we can evolve to a secure attachment style. She & Kim have a lively discussion about the power of doing our healing work to be able to love in the healthiest way possible.  An interview not to be missed!

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If the passion seems to have waned in your relationship, you can get it back!  Relationship expert, Kim Von Berg, will reveal to you the secrets to how you can do just that - no matter how many years you have been with your beloved. And! You can enjoy even richer love making than you ever thought possible.


This talk is packed with valuable information and tips to guide you & your beloved how to step into true conscious intimacy and re-ignite the passion. 

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Episode 01 : "What It Takes to Have A Healthy Thriving Relationship!"  

People always talk about a healthy relationship, but what is this? In her 25 years of studying this topic & working with thousands of clientele, Kim Von Berg reveals to us the nine key components of a healthy thriving romantic relationship AND what we ourselves can do to be able to create such a relationship & contribute to making it thrive over the long haul!


We really CAN develop ourselves to have what it takes to create long lasting happy passionate love.  

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