Connect on a Deeper Level Workshop: 
The First of Three Steps to Create an Extraordinary Relationship

Thurs, Nov. 14th, 5pm PT / 8pm ET

*  Embrace your Essential Truth of “Me-ness” AND “We-ness”


   Discover the Foundation to Creating & Maintaining an 

          Extraordinary Loving Relationship


* Step into an Empowered Place of Wholeness


* Learn Practices of Unconditional Positive Regard

    #1: UPR for our own selves

    #2: UPR for “the other”

    #3: Deep Listening

    #4: Delivering Our Own Truth / Setting Loving Boundaries


* Set the Stage for an Extraordinary Relationship with Visioning

Please stay tuned to hear more!

We will send you an email with more details

a way to register on November 1st, 2019.

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Kim Von Berg 
3 Steps to Create an Extraordinary Relationship™
335 Eldorado Street, Suite 10A, Monterey, CA  93940   |   800.524.0310