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What People Say About Kim & Her Powerful Programs

Kim Von Berg

Chris & Mindy Mates, Evanston, IL

Kim changed our marriage by giving us a safe space to communicate. I never thought that Chris and I would ever be at this point. The course and each of the sessions were both powerful. It’s amazing to see how you can get used to dysfunction and not pay attention to it. I knew we weren’t connecting, but I never realized how deeply it ran and how hurt we both were. Kim’s expertise in coaching couples and skillful communication - in addition to her special presence - has given us a space to open and share feelings we have not explored in over two decades of marriage.


After we did a number of sessions together, Chris decided to do some individual sessions with Kim - since we had heard from a friend of ours that she had helped our friend's husband heal from some deep emotional trauma in his childhood.  Chris was amazed how quickly these sessions turned around what he had attempted to get help with from years of therapy.  With this powerful emotional healing work and the couple's help, Kim has worked a miracle in our marriage.  We both thank Kim from the bottom of our hearts for sharing her valuable gifts and natural talent!

Kim Von Berg

Stefan Jones, Seattle, WA

I will speak first about my experience of Kim's 3 Steps to Create an Extraordinary Relationship course. Kim has such an elegant way of expressing things; yet, is completely down to earth when she teaches these deep & vital concepts about communication and what makes for an extraordinary relationship. The first class laid down a rich foundation for what is to come. Kim’s teaching style is one of warm friendliness, yet she definitely challenges her students to not only learn put LIVE these vital aspects of great relationships in their lives. I like the way she engages with those in the class - and, overall, demonstrates her caring & support. I believe that quality relationships & good communication define the richness of our lives - and how grateful I am to be a part of this course!


And now, about Kim's powerful love coaching:  I was just amazed how far she took me - even with how many years I have been developing myself.  By the time I finished with her eight-week package, I felt completely ready to go for the love of my life! 

Kim Von Berg

Greg and Colette Nelson-Dinn, Monterey, CA

The Thriving Loving Relationships 6-Step System and Kim’s amazing abilities and skills that she taught us worked a miracle in our relationship!   I started out getting some individual coaching – and I was thrilled to see my husband seem to change his whole attitude as I changed.  We signed up for Kim’s six-month program and worked through those six steps, learned powerful skills through the Thriving Loving Relationships communication class – and our relationship and lives have completely changed. 


Today, we are so grateful and cherish the time we have together. No longer do little things bother us as we have learned how to work out our differences using the steps we learned through this wonderful program! We are both so grateful to Kim and her Thriving Loving Relationships program.

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