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 Set the Stage for Your Amazing, Evolved Spiritual Partnership
(3-Month Program)

Lay the foundation for an already amazing relationship to flourish, evolve and thrive into the future.

Kim Von Berg

What?!  Do a Couples Program when we’re so madly in love with one another? We are SO into each other, how could anything go wrong?  The passion & spark is alive & well!


Yes, I know this honeymoon stage well.   Isn’t it wonderful?  I am sure you know that when this stage wears off, that’s when the real work of building the relationship begins.  


Why not try a new way of beginning a relationship

– and lay the foundation for something truly extraordinary to be able to blossom & grow?


No matter what, this program will help you to know yourself and your beloved in a much deeper way. And, you will work through the differences in a loving skillful way.  


Most importantly, you will come to agreements that could make all the difference for the years to come.


If you both really want this relationship to last & not have it be such a rude awakening when the honeymoon is over, this program is for you.

Over three months there are seven main sessions...



Discovering Each's Highest Vision of a Dream Partnership - 2 hrs
You come together to share your visions & discover the common areas and the differences. I facilitate you both coming to some agreements about these areas.


Values & Life Approaches - 2 hrs
Dive into ALL of your values.  We look at twenty different areas of life & see what is most important for each AND how we approach these areas in our lives


Learning & Practicing Communication Skills to Explore the Differences in Values, Past Heart Wounds & Triggers - 90 mins
You will get to benefit from my having taught powerful communication skills for over twenty years!  I will teach you some basic skills to speak your truth & deeply listen to one another – and then, I will guide you to use these in the “tough areas.”


Let's Talk About Sex! - 90 mins
It’s a well-known fact that the sexual “spark” hormones that are produced in the honeymoon stage start to wane between one & two years after being together. Let’s explore this – and come up with some agreements on what to do when the immense physical attraction & libido starts to wane


Bring out Your Highest Selves to Explore What is a Spiritual Partnership - 90 mins
We use this time to explore the core of each person’s spiritual beliefs – and what they would love to have in such a partnership. What are the areas that you both agree upon & what areas need to be worked out?



Map Out the Realization of Your Vision for Your Own Selves & for the Partnership        - 2 hrs
Come up with individual & partnership goals – and the steps to realize these goals. Look at the key eight areas of the TLR Relationship Wheel


Time to Take Action on the Goals & Steps  - 2 hrs
How do you want to begin to put ALL of what you learned – and the goals – into practice? Are there any more agreements you’d like to make moving forward?

Kim Von Berg
Kim Von Berg

In this program, we will...


  • lay the foundation for a flourishing evolved spiritual partnership to thrive

  • unfold the values, dreams & goals of each individual – and for a beautiful partnership 

  • help you make some agreements now, so that, no matter where each’s individual path & the path of the relationship lead, you both will always come from a place of love & respect of the process of growth

  • challenge you to be skillful in your communication through the differences, old hurts & triggers

  • offer an opportunity for you to elevate the relationship to a spiritual partnership 

  • And, so much more...

Commit to transforming your relationship now!

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