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Revitalize Your Relationship
(3-Month Program)

Love coaching to bring back the deep connection and love that seem to have disappeared and lay the foundation for a happy, thriving relationship.

In this program, we will...

  • reach agreements regarding what you both want for the relationship

  • create a safe place to address touchy issues

  • learn new skills to deepen your connections, to trust one another and to communicate with compassion

  • heal old hurts and let go of resentments – and replace these with openness, understanding and deep love

  • discover each other's underlying values and attitudes and learn how to change those that no longer serve you or the relationship

  • develop new love and appreciation for each other and yourselves

  • Learn how the differences can actually improve the relationship and capitalize on them to deepen the love

Kim Von Berg


3 x 90-minute Customized Love Coaching Sessions per month - 9 total sessions


Sessions can be in person, on my Zoom virtual video platform or on my teleconference line.


Value & Attitudes NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Session

Guide the subconscious to support you in realizing your goals. Note that some of these processes take two hours, which is included in your customized sessions.


Deep Listening & Skillful Assertiveness Instruction

Personalized to address your unique challenges and needs.


NOTE: This program is customized and  sometimes takes additional coaching beyond the three months to achieve the changes and goals you desire. At the end of three months, if further coaching is desired, we would design an additional contract.
15% Discount Offer on a minimum of 6 or more hours of additional coaching

Commit to transforming your relationship now!

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