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Programs specifically designed for singles and couples who want to attract & build extraordinary thriving loving relationships!  


Calling in “The One” Package 


Kim Von Berg

Create an Extraordinary Relationship Package

Kim Von Berg
only $1875 
only $2400
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✔︎ Let go of the past 

✔︎ Transform core beliefs for

       healthy love to thrive

✔︎ Release disempowering

       patterns in romance

✔︎ Adopt new ways of being in love

✔︎ Create a life worth living

✔︎ Call in "The One"

An 8-week private program to bring about a huge breakthrough in love to become magnetic to an evolved mate capable of building a long-lasting healthy thriving partnership!       

An 8-week private program where you 

will be offered a customized way to learn AND apply Kim's powerful course called 3 Steps to Create Extraordinary Relationships™ to your relationship

through the unique content of this course. 


3 Steps™ is a groundbreaking program that brings together Kim's twenty years of expertise in communication & relationship skills and inner transformational work to guide the two of you to learn how to create a joyful extraordinary relationship with one another.


Each session is 2 hrs, the first hour is dedicated to teaching the two of you a new module (providing handouts & materials as well) - and the second hour is used for private coaching to apply the content to your relationship and lives. Many couples have taken their relationship from good to extraordinary with this acclaimed program!  

Or, click HERE for Kim's brochure on her Calling in "The One" powerful one-one-one program or just download the brochure here: 

This transformational program will help you to:

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Kim Von Berg

1 Hour Session

only $170.00

Limited Time
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Don't waste any more time or emotional energy - and streamline your path to your greatest dream in love and your relationships.  Get the best quality singles & relationship coaching from a respected relationship expert and acclaimed communication strategist.  Whether you want support with love, drawing in an evolved mate or resolving your relationship challenges, Kim is the go-to expert! 

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