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Kim Von Berg

What you will discover during this course...
Communication is key to every action we take, every relationship we create and maintain …
and yet, often the skills to communicate to deepen the relationship are the last thing we think about. 

Let me ask you:  How happy are you with your past and current relationships? 
Most of us believe that we could have and deserve to have better relationships.  The question is:  HOW?
   You have come to the right place if you:
   * often feel misunderstood
   * frequently experience reactivity in disagreements
   * experience a rift between you and the other more often than not
   * easily get bored with your relationships
   * at times, feel as if people walk all over you
   * long for a deeper connection with the people in your life
Announcing an unprecedented course proven to deliver to you unique miraculous communication skills AND foundational practices to show you how to create joyful extraordinary relationships that continue to thrive for years to come!
  The course offers much more than techniques. 
  It is the perfect combination of skill and transformation!

  Once you take this course, you will have all the tools to create   and  maintain healthy, happy and extraordinary relationships.
  Are you ready for that?

Kim Von Berg
Kim Von Berg

Introducing Your Miraculous Communication Mentor

This groundbreaking 3 Steps to Create Extraordinary Relationships™ course is led by the acclaimed Kim Von Berg, Communication Specialist and Relationship Expert. Kim is recognized for her unparalleled approach to communication, which starts with the SELF and leads to miraculous and extraordinary relationships anywhere we find them. As an authority in her field, Kim is a sought-after speaker, trainer and coach, guiding all those fortunate to work with her to a life of positive and empowered communication and relationships.


Kim is a communication specialist with a Master’s degree in Humanistic Psychology. She is also a California credentialed teacher and certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In addition, she is a certified coach approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  And, she is a Calling in "The One" certified coach, having mentored and trained with the national best-selling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas.  She also specializes in healthy romantic partnership, having owned her subsidiary business, Thriving Loving Relationships since 1997. 


This extensive background coupled with her personal experiences led her to recognize the significance of a whole and complete “ME” in all of our relationships, thus leading her to her motto:

“Whole ME + Whole YOU = Flourishing WE.”





Kim Von Berg

Kim Von Berg

Miraculous Communication Mentor,

Communication Strategist, Relationship Expert

 This powerful course is truly the apex of Kim’s twenty years of helping people create healthy relationships through communication skills and other modalities - and taps into her rich treasure chest of skills.  In 3 Steps,™ she unfolds a unique process as well as powerful skills that show individuals, couples and groups (including teams) how to create exceptional relationships.  Her transformative process highlights how relationships become the greatest catalyst for personal growth and enriched happiness. 

What People Are Saying About Kim Von Berg...

Kim Von Berg

"Kim’s amazing abilities and skills that she taught us worked a miracle in our relationship! Today, we are so grateful and cherish the time we have together.”

Greg and Colette Nelson-Dinn, Monterey, CA

Kim Von Berg

“I never thought that Chris and I would be at this point. It’s amazing to see how you can get used to dysfunction and not pay attention to it. Since our work with Kim, my husband and I have established a closeness which comes from our connection when we communicate our feelings and thoughts - and practice deep listening with one another.”

Chris & Mindy Mates, Evanston, IL

9-Hours of Instruction

Here’s What You’ll Receive

Kim Von Berg

9-Hours of Instruction 

Kim Von Berg

Experience a rare opportunity to mentor and learn with one of the world’s  best communication strategist Kim Von Berg. Each live class session helps you create the specific communication keys you need with romantic partners, loved ones, friends, family - even business relationships!

Kim Von Berg

Downloads, Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson



After each lesson, you will then have the option to Download recordings of each class, do related exercises and answer questions in order to accelerate your learning and integrate each session.

Kim Von Berg

A 3 Steps to Create

Extraordinary Relationships™ Workbook




A comprehensive, step-by-step workbook.  You’ll also have your workbook to review, take notes

and highlight the most important insights and practices that you’ll learn.



Kim Von Berg


A bonus call after the course to address questions and action plan.

Kim Von Berg

A Private Facebook Community



Interaction with like-minded people, get to know Kim and your peers on a more personal level with the Private Facebook Group.


That is a total value of $2600.

But, we would like to give you an offer that you cannot refuse!  

Here is a closer look at the format of this groundbreaking course:

STEP ONE: Foundations for Extraordinary Relationships

Stepping into an Empowered Place of Unconditional Positive Regard

Week 1 

   Relationships and Your Place of Power

What are the Key Components of an Extraordinary Relationship?

Review your Past and Current Relationships

Using Triggers as a Means to Heal.  Who are You Really?

Kim Von Berg

Week 2 


Where Great Relationships Begin:

Unconditional Positive Regard for Yourself & the Other


Learn the Art of Self-Soothing & Reducing Reactivity


How to Become Fully Present to Yourself & the Other


Release Judgment and False Beliefs

Kim Von Berg

There is but one cause of human failure. And that is man's lack of faith in his true Self.” - William James

STEP TWO: Fundamental Extraordinary Relationship Skills

             Key Skills to be able to Deepen the Relationship

Week 3 


The Most Influential Skill of All: Listening with Skill

Introduction to Various Forms of Listening

Why Listen First? They Can’t Hear You Until They Feel Understood!

How to Become a Pure Mirror

Kim Von Berg

Week 4 

The 3 Levels of Setting a Boundary

Introduction to Setting Boundaries.  What are Boundaries?


A Skillful Boundary is a Gift


The Three Levels of Setting Boundaries

Kim Von Berg
“A friend (great relationship) is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”  Elbert Hubbard

STEP THREE: Flourishing Communication, Flourishing Relationships

Relationships as a pathway to fully revealing each other’s potential


Relating to each other from an empowered whole place

Introduction: What is an “Empowered Whole Place”?

How Do We Live from This Place?

The Launch Point from Functioning to Extraordinary Relationships

Week 5 

Kim Von Berg

Week 6 

Whole ME + Whole YOU = Flourishing WE


Create Our Highest Vision from This New Place of Wholeness

See and Encourage the Wholeness & Highest Vision of Others

Take Action & Support Others to Do the Same

Kim Von Berg
“You want to have a friend who wants the most, the best and the highest for you.”   - Oprah


The miracle is yours!  What are you going to do next?

Review! How are You Feeling?​​


What is Your Action Plan?

BONUS Week 7 

Kim Von Berg
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Even though the total value of the course is $2600,    

we are offering this now for $597!

And! To encourage people to take this with a loved one or coworker, we are offering a two for one price of $697!

Kim Von Berg


Kim Von Berg


Kim Von Berg




                                      YOUR SATISFACTION IS 100% GUARANTEED!




     We are so confident in the value of  3 Steps that we offer a full, no questions asked, money-back guarantee if you decide you want to cancel your registration within 7 days of the start of the course, that is, by midnight PT on the day of the second class of the course.


        You can even keep any early registration bonuses you received – at no cost – as our thanks to you for trying out this transformative course.  

And! We have decided to offer you a TWO PAYMENT OPTION!  
         All you would need to do is put down a deposit* - and we will give you up to midnight of the                                                       day prior to the first class to pay the balance!
Just make your selection for this option below!  
Kim Von Berg

$100 Deposit

Kim Von Berg

$200 Deposit

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* :  Note that the deposit is nonrefundable.
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