Episode 11: "Gender & Relationships: What is Possible When Men & Women Step into Their Wholeness," with Sean Harvey, Founder of Symponia Studios, the Compassionate Masculinity Project & GenderARC

Sean Harvey, MSEd, MSOD, is the Founder of Symponia Studios, The Compassionate Masculinity Project & the Co-Founder of GenderARC. In this interview, Sean discusses how we can step into a healthier gender balance as well as gems he has learned in his extensive work - in particular, to help men expand their authenticity, connection, purpose and well-being. Sean has over twenty years of an impressive background to expand what is possible for men and women - and how they can connect on deep levels to create healthy authentic thriving relationships.


The interview is packed with a beautiful exploration of: 
* What true power is
* How vital an attitude of curiosity is for healthy relationships
* What healthy needs are for a relationship - and needs that will destroy a relationship
* More expansiveness around masculinity & femininity
* How vital it is to be tapped into BOTH the head & heart 
* The possibility of conflict to expand ourselves & the relationship
* How we can heal & the importance of compassion
* The difference between faux intimacy & true intimacy
* Unconditional love - and healthy expectations & accountability
* Sex as an expression of true love
* Healthy desire & the importance of intention
* Tapping into liberation around our gender 
* Kernels of wisdom for men to step into ALL of who they truly are

About Our Special Guest

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Sean Harvey, MSOD, MSEd Sean Harvey is currently the Chief Compassion Officer & Founder of Symponia Studios & The Compassionate Masculinity Project and the Co-Founder of GenderARC. His work in personal, organizational, and societal transformation is inspired by over 20 years of Talent and Organization Development consulting combined with a decade of college teaching experience at Cornell, NYU, and Baruch College CUNY in the areas Organizational Behavior and Change. Sean is contributing as a writer, speaker, and consultant to a new narrative around creating a healthier gender balance in organizations to transform people, cultures, and systems. He engages men in personal transformation experiences around the areas of authenticity, connection, purpose, and well-being as a means to foster greater gender balance in the workplace. Sean most recently served as the head of Purpose, Personal Transformation and Wellbeing as well as the Internal Change Agent for Creative for EILEEN FISHER. Prior to his experience at Eileen Fisher, Sean was the Vice President of Talent Consulting for Partners International, where he launched a Socially Conscious Leadership program for emerging leaders on Wall Street.

You can find out more about Sean at: symponiastudios.com/about