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DON'T waste any more time or emotional energy - and streamline your path to your greatest dream in love and your relationships.  Get the best quality relationship coaching from a respected relationship expert and acclaimed communication specialist. 
Kim is the go-to expert! 
Schedule your Free Consultation
with Kim today to learn
which program best fits you, your
mate and your relationship!

8-week private program

Create an Extraordinary Relationship Package

An 8-week private program is a groundbreaking program that brings together Kim's twenty years of expertise in communication & relationship skills and inner transformational work to guide the two of you to learn how to create a joyful extraordinary relationship with one another.

2-Hour Intensive

Relationship Transformation Breakthrough Session

2-hr initial intensive session to help you & your mate to transform whatever has not been working & set a plan for creating a partnership that you both truly long for!   

Coaching:  90-minute Sessions

Relationship Transformation Coaching

90-min sessions to help the two of you to overturn whatever has prevented you from creating the relationship of your dreams & adopt new ways of interacting & loving one another!  

3-Month Program

Set the Stage For Your Amazing Evolved Spiritual Partnership

What?!  Take a couples program when we’re so madly in love with one another? We are SO into each other, how could anything go “wrong”?  The passion & spark are alive & well!  This program lays the foundation for a flourishing evolved spiritual partnership to thrive.    

3-Month Program

Revitalize Your Relationship / 3-Month Program          

Train with a professional relationship coach to learn the necessary communication & relationship skills necessary to turn around your relationship!

6-Month Program

6-Step System to Relationship Transformation / 6-Month Program      

Get personalized help from a professional relationship coach to create the partnership that you both dream of! Learn skills & techniques to improve your interactions & intimacy!!     

Schedule your Free Consultation with Kim today to learn

which program best fits you, your mate, and your relationship!

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