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Take a journey with Relationship Expert  and Love coach, Kim Von Berg, in the "Candid with Kim" Series...
Each message has a wonderfully crafted hand out to accompany the audio piece. 
Episode 1: Disappointing Patterns in Love
Episode 2: The 9 KEY Components of a
Healthy Relationship

Episode 3: Healthy Needs for a Thriving Relationship Vs. Needs That Can Destroy a Relationship
Episode 4: What IS emotional maturity - and why is this so important for attracting & creating long-lasting thriving loving relationships? 
AND! What can we ourselves do to develop emotional maturity?

Episode 5: Why are great communication skills important for dating and thriving healthy relationships & what are such skills?
Episode 6: How do I develop my own self-love & self-respect to not keep settling for "crumbs" in love?

What all is included:


♥ A personalized Episode folder as shown to the right


♥ Online access to the selected episode in the Candid with Kim Archives (Hard copy to listen on the go on a USB thumb drive)


♥ 1 Beautifully laminated handout (Hard Copy) Online access to downloadable PDF version

Thriving Loving Relationships
Thriving Loving Relationships
Thriving Loving Relationships


REGULARLY $197 / NOW ONLY $99.00

(*International orders will be digital copies only)


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