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6-Step System to Relationship Transformation 
(6-Month Program)

Get personalized relationship coaching from a professional to create the partnership that you both dream of!   Learn skills & techniques to improve your interactions & intimacy.

The proven six-step journey to a healthy, passionate and happy relationship. This journey not only repairs and transforms your relationship, it transforms how you love and who you are.  


Note that these steps do not imply that your relationship will be on only one step at a time. For example, there may be a need to re-assess or learn a new skill when a couple is in the transforming stage of the journey.


  • Come together to create mutual goals for healing the relationship

  • Replace old beliefs and attitudes with those that open to a joyful, healthy relationship


  • learn new communication skills to relate better

  • Gain a deep understanding of each other to grow the love

  • Build passion and desire for one another

  • enjoy all 8 areas of intimacy

  • Get support from other couples who also desire a lasting, joyful and thriving relationship.


The 6 Steps to Transformation...



ASSESS & AGREE UPON MUTUAL WISHES Assess where your relationship is at, identify what needs to change and arrive at some decisions about what needs to change AND what you would both like instead



NEW ATTITUDES Learn new attitudes about the relationship challenges and the differences in addition to each person’s self-identity.



NEW SKILLS Learn new communication skills to reconnect and share your own reality by using situations & challenges particular to you and your relationship.



HEAL We use everything we’ve learned to uncover old hurts or resentments and clear them out, replacing them with compassion for ourselves and the other. This brings about trust and wipes the slate clean to create what we really would like.



TRANSFORM Learn about the Seven Areas of Intimacy and mutually decide upon new ways of relating in each of these areas! Make commitments and follow through to build lasting love and intimacy.



REAP THE FRUITS Decide what are the “fruits” you both would like to reap from a committed loving thriving relationship. Create future goals and dreams for your new found love.


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3 x 90-minute Customized Love Coaching Sessions
per month - 18 total sessions

Sessions can be in person, on my Zoom virtual video platform or my teleconference line.


Value & Attitudes NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Session

Guide the subconscious to support you in realizing your goals. Note that some of these processes take an hour, which is included in your customized sessions.


E-Book:  Information & Evaluation of the 8 Areas of Intimacy


Deep Listening & Skillful Assertiveness Instruction

personalized to address your unique challenges and needs.


Access to the private Couples Community at the TLR Couples Facebook Group

to connect with other couples also learning how to grow their relationships.


15% Discount on 6 or more hours of additional coaching to achieve your goals.  

NOTE: This program is customized and can sometimes take additional coaching beyond the three months to achieve the changes and goals you desire. At the end of three months, if further coaching is desired, we would design an additional contract estimating number of coaching sessions and the discount would be applied accordingly (min. of 6 hours for this offering).

Commit to transforming your relationship now!

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