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Kim Von Berg

Have you often wondered what it would be like to re-discover the joy & happiness that was such a staple in your relationship in the beginning? 

Do you take each other for granted?


Are you no longer close or intimate?

Do you sometime feel as though you just

can't stand each other?

Do you find your self saying "We love each other but..."?


Do you have differences that affect the relationship quality?


Do you no longer have the passion that was once there?



Let's talk and discover how to turn that all around!

Three Steps to Create an Extraordinary Relationship

Kim will guide the two of you to transform your relationship into a truly joyful loving expansive partnership in just eight sessions! These sessions are carefully designed to guide you through three powerful steps:


Foundations for an Extraordinary Relationship

Stepping into an Empowered Place of Unconditional Positive Regard


Fundamental Extraordinary Relationship Skills

Key Skills to be able to Deepen the Relationship


Flourishing Communication, Flourishing Relationships

Relationships as a pathway to fully revealing each other’s potential

What Couples Say After Working with Kim

  • Deep inner healing has occurred so that we can see one another in a whole new  light.                                                                           

  • We enjoy sex regularly now - and in a whole new way. We connect intimately on all levels. 

  • Boundaries are good and healthy - and we each now know how to set these without damaging the relationship.              


  • We have created a beautiful vision for our partnership and lives - and are taking action to bring about this vision.

  • We now communicate and understand one another deeply.


  • We have stopped blaming each other for the missing love and respect that we now know how to give our own selves.


  • We have learned that setting boundaries skillfully can actually deepen the relationship.


  • We are truly happy and grateful to be with one another.

Let's talk and discover how to take your relationship from ordinary 

to extraordinary?

Kim Von Berg
Kim Von Berg
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